Plastic Silverware - Wedding & Party Cutlery

Elevate Your Table Setting with A Party Source's Exquisite Plastic Silverware and Cutlery

Every detail, including the silverware, counts when hosting a memorable event or a special occasion. At A Party Source, we understand the importance of combining functionality and aesthetics, so we offer exquisite plastic silverware and cutlery. Whether you're planning a casual gathering, a wedding reception, or a formal dinner, our collection is designed to elevate your table setting and provide a sophisticated dining experience. From the elegance of gold and silver plastic silverware to the versatility of two-tone plastic cutlery, we have the perfect options to suit your needs.

High-Quality Plastic Cutlery for Convenience 

Our plastic cutlery collections are not only visually appealing but also durable and reliable. Crafted from high-quality materials, they are designed to withstand the demands of various foods while maintaining their structural integrity. The convenience of plastic cutlery eliminates the need for washing and allows for easy cleanup after your event, saving you time and effort. This is fancy plastic silverware on a whole new level.

Unmatched Variety and Selection at A Party Source 

At A Party Source, we pride ourselves on offering an extensive range of plastic silverware and cutlery options to cater to your unique preferences and event requirements. With a diverse selection that includes Gold Splendor Plastic Cutlery, Silver Secrets Plastic Cutlery, Baroque Collection, and more, you can find the perfect sets that align with your desired theme, style, and budget.

Exceptional Service and Customer Satisfaction 

At A Party Source, we are committed to providing exceptional service and ensuring the utmost satisfaction of our customers. Our knowledgeable team is here to assist you throughout your shopping experience, offering guidance, answering your questions, and helping you find the ideal plastic silverware and cutlery sets for your event. We strive to exceed your expectations and ensure your table setting is remarkable.

Infinity Flatware: White/Gold, Black/Gold, and Navy/Gold 

Create a sense of timeless elegance with our Infinity Flatware collection. Available in white/gold, black/gold, and navy/gold, these sets combine the classic appeal of traditional silverware with the convenience of plastic. The intricate designs and exquisite gold accents add a touch of sophistication to any table setting, making them perfect for upscale events and formal occasions.

Two-Tone Plastic Cutlery 

Our Two-Tone Plastic Cutlery sets are excellent for a contemporary and stylish look. These sets feature contrasting colors, such as black and white or gold and white, creating a visually striking and modern aesthetic. These sets will impress your guests, perfect for themed parties or events that call for a unique touch.

Novelty Gold, Silver, White, and Black Cutlery 

Add a touch of fun and whimsy to your table setting with our Novelty Cutlery collection. Available in gold, silver, white, and black, these sets feature unique and eye-catching designs that will surely be conversation starters. From elegant patterns to playful motifs, our novelty cutlery allows you to showcase your style and add a touch of personality to your event.

Gold Splendor and Silver Secrets Plastic Cutlery 

If you're looking for plastic silverware that resembles the real deal, our Gold Splendor and Silver Secrets collections are the perfect choice. These sets are designed to look like genuine silver cutlery, with their sleek design and metallic finishes. Your guests will be amazed by the elegance and authenticity of these plastic silverware options, allowing you to impress without the added cost or the hassle of cleaning.

Danish Crown Silver Look and Glimmerware Cutlery 

For a touch of refinement and luxury, our Danish Crown Silver Look and Glimmerware Cutlery collections offer the perfect solution. These sets feature intricate designs and details that mimic the beauty of fine silverware. With their exceptional craftsmanship and elegant appearance, these options are ideal for formal events and celebrations where every detail matters.

Baroque Collection: Silver, Gold, and Rose Gold 

Make a bold statement with our Baroque Collection. Available in silver, gold, and rose gold, these sets feature intricate patterns and ornate designs that exude opulence and grandeur. Perfect for weddings, anniversaries, and lavish events, the Baroque Collection adds a touch of regal charm to your table setting, elevating it to a new level of elegance.

Reflective Rose Gold, Rose Gold, and Silver Cutlery 

Embrace the trend of rose gold with our Reflective Rose Gold and Rose Gold Cutlery sets. These options offer a contemporary and glamorous twist on traditional silverware. The reflective surfaces and rose gold tones create a stunning visual impact, adding a touch of sophistication and modernity to any table setting.

White, Clear, Black, and Multicolored Plastic Cutlery 

Our collection also includes white, clear, black, and multicolored plastic cutlery sets for versatile options that suit any occasion or theme. These classic choices provide a clean and timeless look, allowing you to coordinate with various table linens, decorations, and color schemes. Whether you prefer a monochromatic aesthetic or a burst of vibrant colors, these options ensure flexibility and effortless coordination.

Opulence Cutlery Collection and Petites 

Our Opulence Cutlery Collection and Petite sets are perfect if you're looking for an elegant and refined touch. With their sleek and minimalist designs, these options exude modern sophistication. The Opulence Cutlery Collection offers a range of metallic finishes, including gold and silver, while Petites provide delicate and charming cutlery sets for more intimate gatherings or dessert courses.

Lillian Etched, Modern Design Gold, and Modern Design Silver Cutlery 

Our Lillian Etched, Modern Design Gold, and Modern Design Silver Cutlery set offer a sleek and refined aesthetic for contemporary and stylish options. These sets feature clean lines, modern shapes, and metallic finishes that add a touch of elegance to your table setting. Whether you prefer a subtle etched design or a bold and minimalist look, these choices deliver a modern twist on classic cutlery.

Gold Hammered Plastic Cutlery 

Our Gold Hammered Plastic Cutlery sets are an excellent choice for a touch of unique texture and visual interest. These sets feature a hammered design on the handles, adding a distinctive and luxurious look to your table setting. The gold finish provides a regal touch, making these sets perfect for upscale events, weddings, and formal dinners.

Ivory and Clear Plastic Cutlery Our collection also includes ivory and clear plastic cutlery sets, offering versatile options for different table settings and occasions. Ivory plastic cutlery provides an elegant and timeless look, while clear plastic cutlery offers a modern and minimalist aesthetic. These sets are perfect for various events, from weddings to birthday parties and everything in between.

Reflections Duet Black and Reflections Duet White 

Our Reflections Duet Black and Reflections Duet White cutlery sets are the perfect choice if you're looking for sophisticated and refined options. These sets feature a sleek and contemporary design combining black and silver or white and silver, creating a striking contrast. These sets are ideal for upscale dinners, cocktail parties, and formal celebrations.

Reflective Rose Gold Cutlery 

Add a touch of glamour and elegance with our Reflective Rose Gold Cutlery. The reflective rose gold finish brings a luxurious and eye-catching element to your table setting. These sets are perfect for weddings, bridal showers, anniversaries, and other special occasions where you want to make a statement.

Multicolored Plastic Cutlery 

Our multicolored plastic cutlery sets are a fantastic choice if you want to add a pop of color and playfulness to your table setting. Available in vibrant shades, these sets allow you to mix and match colors to create a fun and festive atmosphere. Whether it's a birthday party, a summer gathering, or a themed event, these sets will surely bring your guests joy and excitement.

Opulence Cutlery Collection 

For those seeking the epitome of elegance and luxury, our Opulence Cutlery Collection delivers in style. These sets feature intricate designs, ornate patterns, and a range of metallic finishes, including gold and silver. With their lavish details and exquisite craftsmanship, the Opulence Cutlery Collection adds a touch of grandeur to any high-end event or a formal celebration.


Our Petites cutlery sets offer delicate and charming options for intimate gatherings or dessert courses. These small-sized cutlery sets are perfect for serving appetizers, desserts, or specialty dishes with style. Despite their petite size, these sets are crafted with attention to detail and provide an elegant touch to your table setting.

Unparalleled Quality and Service at A Party Source At A Party Source, we are committed to offering top-quality products and ensuring customer satisfaction. Our plastic silverware and cutlery collections are carefully selected to meet the highest design, durability, and aesthetic standards. We strive to provide a seamless shopping experience and offer support to help you find the perfect pieces that align with your vision and event requirements.

Effortless Convenience and Style 

One of the advantages of using plastic silverware and cutlery is the convenience it offers. With easy cleanup and no need for washing or polishing, you can spend more time enjoying your event and less time on post-event chores. Our plastic silverware and cutlery collections balance functionality and style, allowing you to create stunning tablescapes without compromising on ease and practicality.

Sustainability and Eco-Friendly Options We understand the importance of sustainability and environmental consciousness. As part of our commitment to reducing waste, we offer eco-friendly options within our plastic silverware and cutlery collections. These options are made from biodegradable or compostable materials, allowing you to make environmentally responsible choices without compromising quality or aesthetics.

Complete Your Table Setting with A Party Source 

In addition to our extensive range of plastic silverware and cutlery, A Party Source offers a wide selection of table linens, centerpieces, decorations, and party supplies to help you create a cohesive and visually stunning event. Whether planning a lavish wedding, a festive celebration, or an intimate gathering, we have everything you need to transform your vision into reality.

Elevate Your Table Setting with A Party Source's Exquisite Plastic Silverware and Cutlery

At A Party Source, we offer a comprehensive collection of plastic silverware and cutlery designed to elevate your table setting and create unforgettable dining experiences. From the elegance of gold and silver plastic silverware to the versatility of two-tone designs and the charm of novelty cutlery, our extensive range of options ensures you can find the perfect sets to suit your style and occasion. With our commitment to exceptional quality, unmatched variety, and outstanding customer service, we invite you to explore our collection and discover the plastic silverware and cutlery sets that will make your next event exceptional. Delight your guests, save time and effort, and create unforgettable dining experiences with A Party Source's exquisite plastic silverware and cutlery options. Elevate your table decor and make a lasting impression with the finest plastic silverware and cutlery selection from A Party Source.