What Type Of Marriage Proposal Is Right For You?

What Type Of Marriage Proposal Is Right For You?


A marriage proposal is one of those events in life that people talk about for years and even decades after it happens. People can spend weeks planning the perfect engagement proposal scenario or just go off the cuff on a moment’s notice. There are many ways to propose, so which one of these is the one you want to go with?


An engagement proposal is an intimate event. You’re pledging your undying love and asking this person to spend the rest of their life with you. A private one-on-one proposal allows for that intimacy and gives the person you’re asking the opportunity to be themselves and not feel like they have an audience. When you’re done, you can just be with each other and bask in the love you share. It also provides the least amount of embarrassment in case she’s not ready for that commitment. Since it’s just you two, she might sit and talk about it and not just runaway.

Family and Friends

If you and your significant other have strong familial bonds, then you might want to propose with everyone’s family and friends in attendance. Many people want family and friends around to share in the experience, especially if they have regular contact with both of you or had a part in you meeting. It could be an informal gathering at your home or the staple engagement at an upscale restaurant. It’s best to do this if you both have spoken about marriage in the past as this cuts down the chances of being rejected. It would be embarrassing for you and very awkward for the family that attended,

The Grandiose Scheme

You’ve seen countless videos on YouTube of people proposing in the most grandiose way possible from stadium jumbotrons to years-long pictures and planning culminating in an epic proposal. The great aspect of these engagements is they are truly memorable. You might even go viral like so many others have done in the past, but the risk is great. For proposals done in public, your significant other might get nervous or feel like she’s on the spot. This is never a good scenario for positive proposal. It might seem awesome to see your proposal on a 200 foot television screen, but imagine the rejection. You don’t have to imagine, YouTube is filled with them.

If you’re going to do something large and grandiose, be absolutely sure she’s going to say yes. No one wants to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars or countless manhours putting something together that could end in disaster.

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