Make Your Event Beautiful With Rose Gold Tableware and Rose Gold Silverware

Make Your Event Beautiful With Rose Gold Tableware and Rose Gold Silverware


For many special events like weddings, anniversary and other parties, traditional colors like white, black and navy blue have always been popular, but rose gold plastic tableware is quickly becoming a hot commodity.

Rose Gold Popularity Ebbs and Flows

The Rose Gold color has been around for centuries in the form of rose gold jewelry. Gold is a soft metal and is usually mixed with a stronger alloy such as nickel. Rose gold is created when you mix gold and copper. The more copper is added, the more pinkish the hue.

It first became popular in in the 18th century and was often worn by the Russian aristocracy, earning it the moniker “Russian Gold.” It became popular again in the United States in the 1920s and 1930s, thanks to jewelry designer, Cartier.

Today, rose gold is found in more than just jewelry. Its beautiful and exquisite color can be reproduced on almost anything including fancy plastic tableware and rose gold silverware. When it comes to weddings and other formal events, rose gold party supplies are a popular choice.

A Rich Color that You Can’t Resist

We’ve seen the popularity of rose gold rise exponentially over the last few years as people look for something different, but still looks formal and classy. Rose gold looks great either as a primary color on your plastic tableware or as an accent to the more traditional white, blue or black.

It makes your event stand out from the rest and adds a touch of sophistication above and beyond that of traditional colors. It’s been the color of royalty. It’s the color of the upper crust. You can give your event the look it deserves with rose gold.

What Types of Materials Are Available in Rose Gold?

We can completely outfit your event in a variety of rose gold silverware and tableware that fits with any décor. Unlike traditional China, our plastic rose gold plates and silverware are made from a sturdy plastic. This reduces the cost and provides you piece of mind that no drops or spills will cause any major damage. If you own fine China, then you know the importance of a complete set. If you’re renting the China, then you don’t want to get stuck with the cost of replacing it.

Plastic rose gold tableware is also disposable, so you can throw them away when you’re done. There are no dishes to do and the cleanup is a snap.

A Party Source is the place to be for all your rose gold party supply needs. Check out our selection and order today.