Plastic Tableware Can Add Class To Informal Functions

Plastic Tableware Can Add Class To Informal Functions


When you have a small event or informal get together, you might instinctively grab those paper plates from the dollar store or those famous red cups, but just because an event is informal doesn’t mean you have to have cheap looking party supplies. If you want to improve the look of your office party or family reunion, why not use fancy plastic tableware.

You Get So Much More For Much Less

For something really formal, you may break out the fine China, but China is really expensive and you don’t want to worry about little Timmy dropping a plate on the floor. On the other side of the spectrum, cheap plates and silverware may be easy on the budget, but they’re notoriously unattractive and flimsy. What you need is something that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, looks great and can stand up to the hardiest potato salad without breaking. Rose gold plastic cutlery and plastic tableware give you everything you need without the sticker shock.

An Elegant Look for Every Occasion

When you go to the store looking for paper plates, you’ll see a hundred kinds and none of them look great. Whether they’re plain white and waxy or covered in cheap looking floral patterns, they don’t have the class and look for your event. Informal gatherings don’t have to look cheap when you use our fancy plastic plates. They are sturdy and designed to look like something at a wedding reception or high-end charity fundraiser, but can fit in at a small birthday gathering or an intimate evening with friends.

Disposable Plates Mean Less Mess

The worst part of any event is the cleanup. There are endless dishes and they’re the last thing you want to do after entertaining for hours. Elegant square plastic plates and other plastic tableware can simply be thrown away when you’re done. Imagine spending hours entertaining and then have 15 minute cleanup. You’ll be in your pajamas, watching television and relaxing in no time.

Don’t let your party or event be marred by cheap paper plates and silverware when there are so many other cost effective options. Plastic plates, cups and silverware come in a wide variety of colors and designs to fit into any décor or event. Check out some of our party packages and get everything you need with one click.