Planning a Great Graduation Party

Planning a Great Graduation Party


It’s a momentous occasion when your son or daughter graduates from 8th grade, high school or college. They’ve worked hard to get where they are and they deserve recognition from friends and family. The graduation party has long been a staple, but it can be daunting if it’s your first time. Here are some helpful tips to get you through the planning process, so you can have a fun graduating party.

Party or Open House

There are two ways you can go with a graduation party: standard party or open house. With a standard party, you have everyone come at one time and provide food and entertainment for the group until the party is finished. The duration of the party is up to you, but it’s expected that everyone attend from start to finish. The biggest problem with this is some people may not want to come and stay for the whole event or there might be several parties that night and they have to pick one.

The open house is a much less formal affair where you invite people to come to your home between a certain set of hours. There will be appetizers and maybe some music playing in the background, but the goal is for people to come, offer their congratulations and leave at their convenience. The could stay for two hours or 10 minutes. The biggest downside to this is you’re not going to have this grandiose party with large crowds cheering. There may even be periods where no one is there.

Graduation Party Supplies Are A Must

Whether you’re having a party of a few dozen or a few hundred, you need to be prepared with proper graduation party decorations and party supplies. This is a special occasions, so your graduate deserves attractive plates and knives, but there’s not need to get out the fine silver and china. We have a wide selection of china like tableware ranging from simple to rose gold finery. The elegant plastic tableware is tough to take on everything from steak to cake and the plates won’t break because uncle Ted decided to double up on portions. When you’re done, everything goes in the trash, so you don’t have to worry about dishes.

Thank You Cards Are a Tradition

Your teen may hate doing it, but Thank You Cards following a graduation party is a tradition and proper party etiquette. It’s also a great way to show your party guests how grown up your young adult actually is. If they’re going off to college, then they’re going to be on their own and this is just one small step on showing them proper way of being an adult.

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