How To Plan An Anniversary Party

How To Plan An Anniversary Party


Major anniversary milestones are important aspects of people’s lives and deserve to be celebrated with a lavish and entertaining party. While a major anniversary party doesn’t need to have the budget of a wedding, it does require several months of planning before the big day.

Determine Date and Time

The very first item of business is choosing the date and time for the event. Why is this so important? Everything that comes after this point will use this date as the focal point. Start planning several months out and try to get the date as close to the actual anniversary date as possible. If the affair will be formal, then you might want to start planning six months or more in advance to make sure everyone can make the date and that venues can be booked, flights can be planned, etc.

Set the Location

Once the date is set, you’ll want to decide on a location. Anniversary parties can be very casual, very formal or everything in between. Locations can run the gambit from your home or the home of a relative to a church hall, club or event hall. The venue really depends on the couple and how special they want the event to be. Some major milestone anniversaries such as 25 th or 50th deserve to have a larger more formal party if that is acceptable to the couple.

What’s Your Theme?

By theme, we’re not talking about beach or cowboy, but something a little more subtle. Each anniversary has an anniversary symbol associated with it such as gold for 50 th anniversary, silver for 25th anniversary, etc. When you’re putting together the party, it’s a good idea for decorations and other items to follow the theme of the anniversary. For example, use gold plastic cutlery for a 50th anniversary party or silver plastic cutlery for a 25th anniversary. Everything from the plates to the banners and decorations should go with the theme of the anniversary.

Invitations with RSVPs

A couple months before the big day, you’ll want to send out invitations. Before then, research and choose a design and have them made with plenty of time to fill them out and send them in the mail. Make sure you have an RSVP deadline because the numbers you get back will determine how much food, supplies and more you’ll need to buy. Make sure the RSVP dates give you enough time for items to be ordered and shipped before the event.

The Odds and Ends

With the invitations out, it’s time to finalize all the odds and ends before the anniversary party. If you plan on having entertainment, then make sure they’re available and get them reserved as well as a photographer. Once the RSVP’s are in, then order food or contact the catering company and purchase any plastic cups, plates, etc. Elegant plastic plates look just like China without worrying about breaking or cleaning.

Everything is ready to go and you’re on your way to a memorable event. If you’re interested in learning more about our plastic cups, plates and silverware, then check out the rest of our site.