Five Things To Remember When Planning Your Engagement Party

Five Things To Remember When Planning Your Engagement Party


The proposal was amazing and now you’re on your way to being a married couple. You’re probably ready to start wedding planning, but before you get knee deep in that you should think about the engagement party. It’s a great way to let everyone know you’re engaged and have everyone get to know each other a bit better before the wedding. Here are a few tips to remember when you’re planning your engagement party.

Don’t Think About Your Engagement Party Right Away

The next year is going to be nothing but planning, so it’s important to take a little time to just enjoy being engaged. Traditionally, the parents take charge of the engagement party, but in these modern times many couples choose to do it themselves. Your first step should be finding a date. If you have a short engagement, then a few weeks after your engagement is fine. If you’re engagement is going to be longer, then you can wait a few months or more.

Formal or Informal Gathering

Engagement parties don’t have to be formal. A nice backyard barbecue with friends and family is perfectly acceptable. It’s all about what the couple and the planners feel is most appropriate. Some people want to have a nice formal function catered in and at an event venue. If you have a fast engagement, then an informal event might be easier to plan as well as less expensive than a larger one.

Even though the event is informal, it’s still important. Leave the paper plates at home and get something that looks great, but at the same time is easy to clean up. Rose gold plastic silverware and tableware make great additions to your event. They look sophisticated and elegant, but you can toss them at the end of the night.

Clothes Make the Party

While you shouldn’t wear a tux and beautiful flowing white gown to your engagement party, it’s still your first official event as an engaged couple and it deserves a little bit of formality that matches the venue. If you’re having an informal event, then a sun dress that attractive, yet casual is perfect. If it’s more formal, then a nice cocktail dress is appropriate. The last thing you want to do is upstage your wedding at the engagement party.

Make the Event Fun, but Gorgeous

The goal of the engagement party is to celebrate your engagement and upcoming wedding. As such, it should be fun and laid back. The wedding is a much more formal event, so don’t sweat the engagement party. You can have plastic silverware, paper napkins and plastic tablecloths.

Plastic alternatives are cheaper than China and you can just throw them away when you’re done. You spent a lot of time and effort socializing during the party, the last thing you want to do is a bunch of dishes. Clear plastic plates and other types look great and don’t have to worry about the cleanup.

Gifts or No Gifts

You’re going to get a lot of gifts between the bridal shower and the wedding and they are certainly not a prerequisite for the engagement party. Despite this, you’ll probably get a few gifts from people that may not be able to be at the wedding or who don’t know about engagement party etiquette.

It’s a good idea to start your gift registry early just in case, so they have an idea what to get you.

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