Elegant Plastic Tableware Isn't Just For Weddings And Anniversaries

Elegant Plastic Tableware Isn't Just For Weddings And Anniversaries


We talk a lot about weddings because it’s the perfect opportunity to use elegant plastic plates and other party supplies, but there are plenty of other events that can use them too. Don’t assume because your guests aren’t wearing formal wear or eating catered steak that our plastic tableware isn’t appropriate.

Clear Plastic Plates Are Sturdier Than Paper

There’s no manual that says you need to buy cheap paper plates for a party or event. Sure, they’re cheaper, but they can’t hold up to good party food. Try putting a grilled steak on a paper plate and watch that perfectly grilled meat fall to the floor. How many of your guests have lost a whole plate of food because the plate couldn’t handle the weight. Maybe, you have a moist salad that bleeds through the plate, making a mess. Ick. That’s not going to happen with our disposable dinnerware. Disposable plastic plates can take everything you throw at it.

There’s Always Room for Elegance

Fancy plastic plates aren’t just for the budget minded wedding planner. They go great with almost any event from a birthday party to baby shower. With so many types and designs to choose from, you can customize it to fit your event. They’ll give your party a touch of class and sophistication, but still be fun. People don’t have to worry about breaking real China or regular plates and they look far better than paper plates. Elegant plastic dinnerware goes well with formal and informal occasions. Don’t think that they’re just for big events, they’re for any event or party that you want to look good without spending an arm and a leg.

Disposable Plates Make Life Easier

One of the biggest reasons people use paper plates is they ease of cleanup. They often sacrifice a great look because when it’s all over all they need is a garbage can. It’s the same way with plastic plates. They can just be tossed in the trash when you’re done. They’re the perfect compromise for the cheapness and disposability of paper plates and the look and cleaning nightmare of regular plates. Don’t do dishes and don’t sacrifice look and durability. Instead, choose elegant plastic plates for your next dinner party or event.

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