Square plastic plates are all the rage and you won't find a more striking example than the blue and gold band of the Blue Splendor Square plastic plates. They look like fine China, but at the end of the night you're done, there's no washing or putting away. These plastic wedding plates go right in the trash, so you can enjoy the event without the hassle of cleanup. These plates are perfect for venues that provide catered food, so you don't have to worry about broken square plastic plates.

Disposable plastic plates are the inexpensive way to provide a sophisticated eating surface and keep the hassle to a minimum. It takes months or even a year to plan a wedding or other large scale event, but when the day happens too often people spend it engaged in the minute-to-minute emergencies that happen. Fancy plastic plates can help take the edge off the day of the event.

The blue and gold band of the Blue Splendor Square brings a richness and royalty to your event, so grab them now why they're still available. Get elegant plastic plates wholesale and save big on your next gathering.